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CMS INDUSTRY LTD is a company created through 20 years of work experience and entrepreneurship of its owners acquired in Italy, and modern machinery available to our company. We meet all the technical and professional requirements of our customers in the fields of: design, construction and assembly of metal structures of industrial and civil scale. Through modern technology, CMS INDUSTRY is ready to operate in the sector: Energy, Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Industrial Equipment, Complexes of all types of Pipes, Oil, Gas,Naval etc.

Where to find us 

Our business is located in one of the main roads that connect the North, Central and South, in a strategic area of development in Albania, Xhafzotaj (exit of Fllake), 800 meters from the main road connecting Durres to Tirana and vice versa, or in the national road Durres – Shijak, towards Fllake. We are situated 5 kilometers from the main port of the country, the port of Durres, 25 km from the capital and the airport. CMS INDUSTRY is set in a location that provides great advantage in communication, production movement, raw materials, customer orders and suppliers, enabling the best land, rail, sea and air transport. We conduct our business in an area of approximately 3,000 m2 where the factory and the technical department of design and construction are located; a surface area of 1500 m2 is equipped with bridge cranes with capacity of 10 tons; and other spaces for cleaning and coating our products.

Our company is composed of a specialized staff of engineers, technicians and specialists able to afford all kinds of projects, from the simplest to the most complex. Our staff is able to realize and embody all the ideas of our customers, at the same time, within all the national and European laws and regulations.

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